Dermabrasion — this is mechanical cleaning of the skin upper layer or, in other words, mechanical skin polishing. The so called mechanical face peeling, when the upper layer of skin is removed, and instead of it a new one appears having good vital resource. By method of dermabrasion face wrinkles are removed, besides, it refers also to deep mimic wrinkles, complexion becomes even, without pigments and visible blood vessels. Likewise, this procedure is used also for correction of scars, removal of inborn defects of skin (for example, birthmarks). This method is used also for tattoo removal.
Indications for dermabrasion: aged wrinkles, tattoos, scars, simple acne.

  • The operation purpose: face skin defects elimination (scars- including acne cicatrix, age wrinkles, new skin growths), face skin condition qualitative improvement.
  • Age: +18
  • Anesthesia: local, general (depending on the peeling area)
  • Duration of operation: 0,5 – 1,5 hours
  • Stay in a hospital: from several hours up to several days
  • Result estimation: in 6 months
  • Operation: by means of the laser an evaporation of the damaged sites of a skin is managed. On an operational surface the greasy bandage is imposed.
  • Rehabilitation period: within 7-10 days use of healing ointments to full exfoliation of the superficial crusts is necessary. Rosiness of the skin remains within several months.
  • Cost: 200 — 800 Ls (290 — 1145 €)